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Welcome to the Foodie Orthodontist!

Hey there! My name is Dr. Yang Li and I’m the owner orthodontist at Heart Orthodontics here in beautiful and historical Concord, MA.

My biggest joy in life can be summarized as “Straighten Teeth, Eat, Travel and Repeat“.  I’m also a firm believer that even though you should refrain from eating certain foods (sticky, chewy, hard and crunchy things) while wearing braces, your diet shouldn’t suffer! Inspired by the countless cooking videos that shows up on my newsfeed everyday (how did you know, Facebook?), I want to share with you some yummy recipes that are also orthodontist-approved as safe to eat with braces! Tested in my own kitchen and by my husband, I hope you will enjoy cooking and eating some of these and realize life with braces can be beautiful!

In addition, if you are here, you are most probably in orthodontic treatment, or thinking about starting orthodontic treatment (with us at Heart Orthodontics, I hope!). Maybe you also have some questions and heard some things about orthodontics from your friends, neighbors, or the INTERNET that you are wondering about. Well I am also here to bust some myths and answer some of those questions for you in a true-nerd orthodontist fashion! Just don’t ask me about the meaning of life, or how long New England winter will last this year…

Feel free to leave me a comment or any questions you have, and if you are in the area, come visit us at Heart Orthodontics, where we put our Heart in Every Smile!

foodie orthodontist

the foodie orthodontist

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