Incognito™ lets you do just that! Go incognito! These lingual braces are virtually invisible because they are placed behind your teeth where no one will ever see them! They are customizable and fit each tooth like a glove to give you the perfect end results.

Dr. Li and her staff will discuss with you the advantages of wearing this system and how it may benefit your life in so many ways.

We use the iTero™ Element Digital Impression System in order to obtain a mold of your mouth to custom-make your Incognito braces, so you never need to subject yourself to goopy, messy impressions ever again. This is true for the majority of our patients needing braces. Just think, no more mouth full of yucky goop!

Incognito Hidden Braces are perfect if you are a professional person who is constantly in the limelight such as giving public speeches, or if you are a model, actor, musician, or if you need braces but just can’t afford to be seen in public with them. They are an excellent alternative to clear aligners which won’t work for some patients. If in doubt, ask Dr. Li. She is the expert at making sure you are properly fitted with the perfect system that will give you a lifelong beautiful smile.