Propel is safe and proven method to speed up your orthodontic treatment, it cuts down the amount of time spent in treatment and gives the same, lasting results as wearing braces for the normally required time.  We can do this in our office and it’s a minimally-invasive process so there’s almost no down time from school or work. Anesthetic is used to avoid any discomfort during the procedure. Many patients report that they experience very little discomfort afterwards so you can get back to your normal routine directly after Propel.

So if you are interested, be sure to ask Dr. Li or her staff about this optional treatment. Some people may benefit from only one treatment of Propel, but it is generally recommended in six week intervals if further treatment is needed.

What is Propel?

It is a fast, effective way to propel (quicken) your orthodontic treatment!

Who doesn’t love that?

If you have recently found out that you need braces and you want the same great result but in way less time, then you might be a great candidate for the Propel method. It is a gentle and scientifically proven method of speeding up your treatment by stimulating the bone that surrounds your teeth, thereby allowing the teeth move into place faster.