We understand that every teen is special, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to treat these unique individuals. At the first visit, you will meet the Heart Orthodontics team who will walk you through every step of your treatment. Photos will be taken (the non-selfie kind) and so will appropriate X-rays, to help us evaluate your smile and facial esthetics.  and with high than ever before s and to examine your jaw relationships and teeth angulations. All these measures will help us better explain to you how braces can improve your bite and smile. We will also explain the many different types of braces, and which will work best in your particular situation.

Don’t worry, orthodontic treatment does no’t have to get in the way of school, sports, SnapChat, or selfies! Although we will not assume any responsibility for any further increase in numbers of selfies and decrease in cellphone storage once you get acquainted with your new amazing and confident smile!

Types of Braces


Traditional metal braces are the most classic and are typically what people envision when thinking of braces. However, they have come a long way since their inception and are much more comfortable comparing to the old days. You can also have some fun with your metal braces by changing the colored elastics to match your mood, you school team, your best friends and our many successful Boston professional sports teams!


Clear braces blend well with any shade of tooth color. The ceramic is strong, durable and highly polished so it will not stain or discolor over time. Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces are a very popular choice among adults and teens alike due to their “nearly” invisible look. Best part of it all? Clear braces work just as well as the metal braces. If you like to rock some colors, they are even more visible and vibrant with the Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces.

Learn more about Clarity Ceramic Braces from the video below:

A New Generation of Beauty with Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets


These include Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. For those who are a good candidate for them, they are the best of both worlds. Invisalign can be removed to eat, drink, brush and floss. Click here to learn more


If you are a professional model, musician, actor or actress, news anchor, or someone who is constantly in the professional spotlight, Lingual Braces might be your best choice. They are virtually invisible because they are fitted onto the backs of your teeth. Out of sight is out of mind.

Check out the 3M Brace Me Music Video: